The Beginning

Lyndal Spirit Know as Love Sexy was a young and talented producer, dancer and model in Denver Colorado, friends with a young man named Mark Nelson, Mark in 1976 introduced Love Sexy to his cousin Prince Roger Nelson, who befreinded the young talent and a pen pal friendship started. In 1980 Love Sexy Sent a gift to Prince, a trck which Prince would create his song on the orginal Black Album Bob George. In 1981 another gift from Love Sexy a song which when heard by the creative and telented Prince becamce another great hit for the artist in his later years. The letter's and sometime phone calls went back and forth between Love Sexy and Prince till 1982 when Prince started a new project Purple Rain, Love Sexy Always end the letters with " Sincerely Your Friend, Love God, Love Life, Love Sexy" and that signature can be seen on many of the orginal albums and exstended versions to this day. GJM, Signed Love Sexy to the lable to help assist with two current productions, Lia, "Tell Me it's not to Late" and T.C. Rapper's Bat Dance. GJM Records landed a two year production contract with Paisley Park Studios . The two would meet and talk in the studio before production started, Prince teach valuable lessions to everyone about how to help other's in the industry. Love Sexy Took the teaching to heart and has never let the vision prince painted go. At the end of the contract Love Sexy returned home, learning much from his mentor, he had a plan. But the funds were missing from the contract and Love Sexy returned home with barley enough money to finish paying for his classes. 

The Vision

The Love Sexy Tour Denver Colorado would be the last time Prince and Love Sexy would ever speak in Person. Creating Straight-up Television on public community TV, Love Sexy had a vision to grow his own avenue that would not limit his creative abilities. Having not only turned down Pasley Park Records, but also A nashviel Record lable, Luke Records, MCA Records and several other smaller lable and joing to Tim Joined on TnT Records after only a year Tim Jones and Love Sey left Tnt and started producing varius artist including a group who would later be signed to Giant Records Vice Versa. A gang shooting at the going away party took the life of a most Valued member Vern Chapman and the contract was voided. Vice Versa became G Som and Love Sexy moved on working more in his modeling and writing music for local artist. The vision bloomed when the Host of Straight-up Television got a major part in a move and moved to California placing back on the map the Love Sexy name and brand. Love Sexy Created a small publication called Music Magazine, Setup models and worked with all types of band on the Straight-up Television Show. The Creativity flowed and many of the teachings started taking form, Love Sexy Knew there was more to come...

The Foundation

In 2000 Love Sexy moved to Arizona where the Vision would lay a real foundation and start the true venture Love Sexy would embrace. Taking his most admired artist and mixing it with the thought of dreams happening Love Sexy created Dreaming DaVinci... Partnered with Premire Agencies Dreaming DaVinci Exsploded and later in 2004, after the design and creation of a legal Magazine... VIP ROOM MAGAZINE was born in both Digital and in Print as Love Sexy followed in the foot sets of Playboy Magazine's Huge Heffner in reach the digital edge of publications. To support the video abilities of VIP ROOM MAGAZINE CLIQUE ITV was created in late 2004 early 2005 and quicklt became as populare as the magazine and setting standards and foundation that many use today. At the top of his game Love Sexy was producing TV shows, Magazines, and working with all types of people from California to Florida, The Vision to help create your dreams was born upon meeting Jeniffer Newberry and taking her on as an artist. Jennifer's  soulful voice quickly turned heads and brought her fame, with offers on the table world wide, Sweden became CLIQUE ITV's biggest viewership.

Returning to the Roots

No one seen the troubles coming, but they came and they came in force... Frivilious law suits, The Death of Business Partner and Friend Walter Thomas, The Passing of Prince and The Passing of Love Sexy's Mother, took it's toll on every aspect of Love Sexy's life... Everything had to be build from the ground up, starting all over. To dat Dreaming DaVinci, VIP ROOM MAGAZINE, and CLIQUE ITV is joined by Erotica 7 Magazine, Black Mars Records, and Dreaming DaVinci Records. Not yet fully back on top Love Sexy works hard and pushes everyday, to make things happen and alines himself with artist of every type trying to do the same.

The Relaunch

2017 Dreaming DaVinci is Relaunched to the public.

Many detail, many ups and downs are left from this story simply because it has been said so many times before. The quesion of If Love Sexy was Real and did he really Write songs for Prince, Yes, the first two were gift to a friend, the other were part of a contract. No one know why Prince said in LA, Love Sexy was fictional, then in Colorado said he is a person in his past. But this story is not over. Lyndal Spirit whom for years lived silently as Love Sexy has not stopped, has not stopped dreaming and believes... Dreams are meant to be lived.

The Future 2017 and beyond

The Dreamweaver Project AZ / GA the finally of the vision is in Phase 1. A life time of learning, love, struggles all for one final vision "2 Love 1 Another"


to learn more about The Dreamweaver Foundation AZ/GA 

Cheesecake and Berries

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Ice-Cream with Berries

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