Released bi-monthly VIP ROOM MAGAZINE is a stylish urban magazine with strong spiritual and business overtones. Stimulating Pictorials mixed with hard hitting issues and blended with a taste of exciting venues.

Erotica 7 Magazine

Erotica 7 Magazine is a bi-monthly entertainment true erotica magazine owned by Dreaming DaVinci Media.

A place for the Spirit, Mind, and Body to be openly discussed in a mature manner.

Erotica 7 Magazine has erotic poetry, classic mind stimulating images, and articles so interesting it will be hard to put down! Models, both male and female, that break the molds of societal beauty and engulf you with a creative mindset for the art of the human form and all that embrace the creation thereof.

Band of the Hand

A small book focusing on making your money work for you. Simply ways to help grow and stablize your financial life.


A Erotic graphic novel writter by Lyndal Spirit.

Three Brothers

The Story of The Three brothers is based on the lives of Three Brothers and their journey to man hood.

The Vision of Lyndal Spirit

A Photo graphic novel with some comentary straight from the photography room of Lyndal Spirit